Sunday, March 29, 2015

"'Vascularity is the new six-pack,' says Elias Carmelo, a personal trainer and model in New York City, who says that making his veins pop is his top priority before a photo shoot. The most essential is the cephalic, which runs along the forearm and biceps from the write to mid-shoulder---a beating indicator that a tank-top or tight-tee wearer is in shape everywhere else. 'When you can see that vein, you think, Wow, that guy's pretty fit,' Carmelo says."

From the March 17, 2015 story, How Veins Became the New Six Pack, by Kayleen Schaefer.

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  1. I feel like veins on someone is a little scary. I like a more smooth and lean look than the overly large and and muscular look. Very interesting piece though. New six pack?