Sunday, January 10, 2016

The downpour of rain already had a few people gathering at the bottom of the steps leading up to the street. A few others like myself who had just gotten off the train joined them, as we all stood there inside the Bleecker Street subway station. Some of us looked up into the gloomy sky to watch the heavy rain fall, while other umbrella-less straphangers figured out what to do next with the help of their smartphones. My original plans of getting off one subway stop early to walk to a bar and enjoy the nice weather was no longer possible. But after waiting out the rain for some minutes, it was time to be on my way. It wasn't a surprise there weren't any cabs on Bleecker, and I got stuck under some scaffolding for a while. I enjoyed watching the rain as people still went about their business on the quiet block. When the rainstorm was finally letting down, I decided to start walking with my black tote bag shielding me from the lingering raindrops. After I made a left onto Bowery, I saw the biggest rainbow arched in the sky. It's hard to even remember the last time I saw a rainbow in the city, so today's was especially beautiful.

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