Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I went out to eat with my friends Judy and Junho on Sunday. Junho had just returned from a long and leisurely trip, and Judy was still coming off a really busy work season. That was reason enough for us to meet up in the day and have some good ass diner food.

The three of us just blah blahed about this and talked about that. And then I thought this one thing that came up was pretty funny. It was that both of them hadn’t realized that I still write in this blog. I mean, first of all, rude! But second of all, I see where they were coming from.

So the weather is still pretty warm, and I’ve been wearing shorts almost everyday. I’m grateful wearing them is not a big deal at my job. I always pair them with a long sleeve button-down shirt closed to the top so I appear somewhat presentable. But I’ll wear shorts for as long as I can right now. Anything to lighten my laundry haul since I no longer live somewhere that has a washer-dryer. Yup, after years away, I’m back in the laundromat game. For the past two years, I lived in an apartment that had one within the unit. And then for years before that, I lived in places that had them somewhere within the building.

I have so many memories of going to laundromats growing up. I remember in high school waking up at 5am to go to wash my clothes before school started. Oddly, I also used to go to laundromats a lot on my birthday, which is something I remembered after reading back on this blog. Also the laundromat near my old Flushing house was the first place I ever interviewed someone to write a story, which is also another thing I remembered only after reading back on this blog. But going back to a laundromat again right now has been just like riding a bicycle. I am in and out as quickly as possible, and there’s not much else to it.

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