Wednesday, June 29, 2011

last night felt like such a rarity because i fell asleep early, but i did keep waking up in a complete panic throughout the night.

the dreams i had last night were all so vivid and disturbing. at one point i was freaking out at the airport because the airline employees refused to let me board. i don't remember where i was going or where i was coming from, but i just remember the feeling of having to escape because my life depended on it. then later on for some reason, my family and i were the owners of a donut shop, and in my dream we kept getting robbed. all the stress from the robberies just made me eat a continuous and massive amount of donuts, and i also remember feeling paranoid because i thought all our donuts tasted like shit. the scariest part of my dream was when someone was trying to stab me to death, and i could feel the blade entering and exiting my body as i screamed for help. it wasn't just the physical aspect of being stabbed that terrified me, but the simple fact of experiencing/realizing that fear and sheer fright, that this was how i was going to die and my life would be forever over.

all of my dreams (more like nightmares) from last night made me realize that i really need to make more of my life...

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