Tuesday, November 01, 2011

on certain days, i might have to ride a motorcycle-taxi, aka motosai (previously blogged about HERE and HERE), up to seven different times to simply get around to where i need to go.

before moving to bangkok, i had never really ridden on a motorcycle before so living here and incorporating them into my daily life has completely changed my views on them. i like relying on motosais in thailand because they're fast, affordable and efficient---especially since the traffic here can be an absolute nightmare. on the downside though, riding them within the bustling city can be pretty dangerous here in bangkok and a friend of mine told me about someone she knew who died in an accident while taking one.

there's something about riding a motorcycle that can make any day better and i love the feeling of being on one when the weather is nice out. i've come to the conclusion that when i can afford it, i really want to buy some sort of motorcycle or scooter when i eventually return to nyc. i'll probably get a grandma-friendly version and use it more for practical reasons than for racing teenagers.

it's also sad though that riding on motosais is literally the only type of physical contact i have whatsoever anymore.

anyway, here's some pics i recently took with my friend's camera on a gorgeous day.

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  1. Motosai pervert! Hahahahaha! Love it!

    You should get a Vespa when you are back in NYC. It is soooo your look.