Thursday, March 22, 2012

i lost my wallet on tuesday, and by the evening's end, i had pretty much accepted it and let the wallet go.

this was a wallet that i asked my parents to buy me after getting into college, and i've been using it ever since. after i realized it wasn't in my bag late tuesday afternoon, i tried to figure out where or how i could've misplaced it, but i just couldn't determine how it happened. i didn't have much money in it, but having to get a new driver's license from nyc and replacing everything else would have been nearly impossible from thailand. i normally don't lose or misplace stuff too often, so i figured that i lost it for a reason, and relinquished it from my life and forced myself to move on because dwelling would get me nowhere. i even rationalized everything by telling myself that it was better that i lost it in bangkok rather than in malaysia last week, because that would have been a nightmare.

then late tuesday night, i received an unexpected phone call from my building's office, and was informed that someone had called about finding my wallet. i couldn't believe it because i had already let go of the idea of ever seeing it again and just wanted to forget about my carelessness. i never would have known it, but i ended up dropping my wallet on the bus and since i had my building's card in it, the person who found it called and was able to track me down.

it's thursday night now, and i came home to a package waiting for me. lo and behold, i've been reunited with my good old wallet. all of its contents are still intact as well, and i feel EXTREMELY humbled and grateful for the way all this has worked out. i feel so lucky to have had it discovered by the person who found it because let's be real, bangkok city buses consist of a wide array of straphangers, and not everyone would have been so honest about it.

i'm a firm believer in karma, and always try to live my life accordingly. i'm not sure if having my wallet returned to me was a result of me always striving to make honorable decisions or if it means that i am indebted to the karma gods indefinitely. but nevertheless, i will absolutely try to continue on the cycle of good deeds.

all of this happening reminds me of an anne frank quote, " spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart."

yes, anne---you are so very right.


  1. I as well believe in karma, bro. Have the same story as yours. I lost my wallet couple weeks ago but i was sure that it would be back to me. And yes not until 48 hours someone same to my house and have my wallet back. Well, if we always do good things to people, the others will always do the same to us :)
    Btw, u had a really great trip in Penang. Envy. :)

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Aww ur so lucky! That would have sucked to lose that. For myself I have been misplacing or losing things worse than before..... I think age is a factor.

    But yea I think karma is a factor so always be nice to people and treat them how you want to be treated, thats what I always try to do anyway.

    Love u!

  3. that's a wonderful bit of luck, lucky that the person was honest and wanted to track you down. many wouldn't