Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Things in New York City have been feeling a bit off this week. With Daylight Savings Time having started this past weekend, the city skies are pitch black by 5pm. But what's been a bit weird about that is it's also been unseasonably warm since Sunday, with temperatures easily going past 70° everyday. This early darkness in somewhat toasty weather feels a bit disorienting, with New Yorkers in shorts and a t-shirt and others wearing scarves and winter coats walking down the same sidewalk. And while we're on the topic of walking, I've always had big legs for as long I can remember. When I gain weight, it first usually goes to my calves and thighs. Finding pants that fit me well was hard until I discovered a certain style from J.Crew. For the past six years I haven't had to think twice about buying new pants because of these chinos. But when I recently ordered some new pairs, I couldn't even fit my legs through them. I contacted J.Crew and they told me that particular style recently went through a redesign to make the cut of the leg slimmer. I don't understand why they don't want us big-legged guys buying pants from them anymore. I hate shopping for clothes and now I have no idea where to get new pants. Speaking of pants, I also haven't worn a pair of jeans in more than two years. I just don't get anything out of wearing jeans anymore. Another thing I've recently stopped doing is going to so many negative or scandalmongering websites. It's amazing how my fingers would unconsciously type in the web address of all these sites I really shouldn't be reading, almost like a reflex. The fact that Chrome makes it easy to block websites now helps a lot, or otherwise the instinct of my fingers would have me absorbing all this tabloid-like content that really has nothing to do with my life, nor should it. I just want the news and facts, not someone's interpretation of it that is often grasping on to sensation. All of us already have enough bullshit in our lives, I can do without the clickbait.

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