Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i can't sleep.

i'd like to write about something here, but all i can do is stare at the empty, blogger-box with the blinking cursor, void of anything except for a vast amount of white space that can be filled with an infinite combination of words and sentences... oh, i know---i'll write about something i saw today.

today, i saw a very brave man---a gentleman who can obviously list courage, spunk and fearlessness as character traits. i had my final appointment this morning with my doctor at the hospital to get my stitches removed from my surgery. after i left the hospital, i was crossing the large street directly outside the exit and there he was: a food delivery man on a moped without a helmet who had on an obvious toupee... how the hell did he keep that rug on his head with the wind blowing through his synthetic, sinewy and plastic-like hair??

i guess i'll never know, but what i do know is that a man with that sort of gumption will always be listed as a hero in my book.

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