Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i've had the same nightmare at least four times within the past two weeks. it's always the same where i'm flunking math or science in high school because i've been cutting classes and my eligibility to graduate is in serious jeopardy. i usually freak out in my dream and feel so helpless and scared to go back to class because i'm deathly afraid of getting in trouble.

i graduated high school in 2001 and i still wake up panicked from these nightmares---so odd.


  1. I think that's pretty normal. I've had that same type of dream for a very long time now. Always about school, failing a class, forgetting to go to class, having an exam unprepared, forgetting to do a project, etc. I haven't been in a class room since 2002.

    It goes to show that our education system instills so much dread and anxiety into us that we still are haunted by the pressure and stress.

    I usually wake up tense and irate, but relieved that it was just a dream.

  2. the sub conscious mind is a very extraordinary thing.

    whatever your dream is about. it definitely has something to do with how you are going to do/be/with tomorrow.

    so take care.