Thursday, October 31, 2019

Hello, world. Checking in here. Today is Halloween, and I have to say that this holiday is starting to feel more like a summer thing. It feels hot outside. I had a productive day at work. I have half a cinnamon roll I didn't finish from lunch resting right by computer right now here at home. But I think I'm more in the mood for a Korean cup ramen if anything. There are officially two months left in the decade. Yes, the motherfucking decade. I get lost in that thought sometimes, but then I'm like who cares. Can I tell you about my current obsession for sleep? It's funny because I've had insomnia for the majority of my life, and all of a sudden I am tired everyday and can't get enough sleep. All day, I dream about that moment when I can crawl into bed and lie vertically under the covers. And then when it happens, I whisper to myself, wow, dreams do come true. I was thinking there needs to be an earphone/headphone outreach program for all those people who watch their videos and listen to their music out loud on the subway. They gotta know that there's help out there for them. Also, did you know that during the peak of rush hour, there are people who walk slowly in the subway stations and underground tunnels (where literally hundreds of commuters are trying to get by) with their heads down staring into their phones? I kid you not, this is very true. I guess some people are just not in a rush to get to work. That's cool and all, but could they just like step to the side so others can move along with their life. Seriously. Also, did you know there are no scallops in scalloped potatoes?! I discovered that at work the other day, and it truly blew my mind. I could not stop laughing about it. Even now it makes me giggle. Lately, I think about Meg Thee Stallion a lot throughout my day. I wonder what she's doing, what her and Jonathan are up to, and if she's giving her bodyguard Justin some more shit for eating Fig Newtons. Her music is everything right now.

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